Top Set Packer 

The Compression-Set Isolation Packer is run on a second trip to isolate leaks at the liner top. The SOT is used after the liner has been run, cemented and the liner tieback receptacle seal bore cleaned out. The SOT seals into the existing liner tieback receptacle and is set with compression, sealing the annular area between the liner and casing. It also provides a new tieback receptacle for future operations.

Features and Benefits

• An anti-trip safety lock ring prevents premature setting
• Optimizes chemical resistance to completion and production fluids with a variety of elastomer options for packer elements and seal assemblies
• Maintains element setting with mandrel lock ring
• Hold down slips prevent upward movement of packer
• High-grade casing compatible slips manufactured to 55-60 Rockwell “C” hardness
• SOT packers are manufactured from AISI 4100 series alloys, with other material grades available by special order
• Available for Pocket Slip Liner Systems

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