Setting Tools

Hydraulic Setting Tool

The Hydraulic Setting Tool is a hydraulically actuated system used to set wireline packers and similar tools when wireline setting methods are not practical or desirable. The HST features three pressure amplified hydraulic cylinders that generate maximum setting force from a limited amount of setting pressure. Required setting pressure can be lowered further by adding cylinders to the tool. This system includes an automatic fill and drain feature, enhancing rig floor safety while reducing running time.The HST is designed to couple with adapter kits made for common pressure setting assemblies, and is available with an optional rotational release adapter kit.

Features and Benefits

• Tubing-conveyed tool that fills and drains automatically
• Setting pressure that can be lowered by adding cylinders to the setting tool; three cylinders are standard
• Couples to adapter kits made for most pressure setting assemblies
• Rotational release adapter kit available

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