Landing Collar 

The Landing Collar is run when any hydraulically-set device is used. The landing collar contains a seat and latch for plugs and a ball seat, pinned to shear at approximately 1,000 psi above the pressure required to set the hanger. After setting the hydraulic hanger, increasing pressure shears the ball seat and re-establishes circulation.

Features and Benefits

• Threaded or cement style insert
• All internal parts are PDC drillable
• Acts as a backup to the float collar/shoe with the plug set latched and sealed
• Anti-rotation feature for fast drill out
• Standard BC incorporates ball seat catch
• Shear-out ball seat falls to the bottom of the liner when using dual plug system
• Housing suitable for all premium connections
• L80 and Q125 material grades are standard, with other material grades available by special order

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