:: Hydraulic Liner Hanger

Non-Rotating Liner Hanger

The Hydraulic Set SOT Liner Hanger is set by hydraulic pressure within the running-in string; neither reciprocation nor rotation is required. The hanger has two staggered rows of slips, with three slip segments in each row. The staggered design provides large by-pass area for easy running and free circulation, and the large distributed slip contact area reduces stress in the supporting casing.


The Hydraulic Set SOT Liner Hanger may be used to hang any type or size liner at any depth. It is generally used in conjunction with long, heavy liners in deep holes, or in deviated holes where reciprocation or rotation of the liner cannot be assured. Thus, it can be used effectively in installations where there is danger of the liner becoming stuck, since it can be set without any movement of the liner. It is especially useful in offshore wells drilled from floating vessels.


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